New SAPS directive – a light in the Cannabis tunnel

Following the Cannabis and Hemp Action Lab Phakisa held by the Presidency at the end of June 2023, the Cannabis community has anxiously waited for the new SAPS Directive. Many dubious and click-bait headlines later, the new SAPS Directive was issued by the National Commissioner on 23 August 2023 (the Directive). In less than a […]

Two Models for the Private Cannabis Club

The phenomena of the Private Cannabis Club (PCC) and its subsequent models have received much attention from the South African Cannabis community since its appearance after the Privacy Judgement of 2018. The milestone judgement allows the possession, cultivation and consumption of Cannabis in a private place, for personal consumption. It is considered the first victory […]

Commercial Recreational Cannabis and Harms Reduction

At the heart of the new commercial clause in the latest version of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, lies harm reduction. This topic has been discussed at previous sittings of the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services, as well as throughout submissions made by the public in answer to the call for public comment. […]

Quality Management Systems for Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis cultivation facilities require large scale cultivation of Cannabis plants, guided by rigorous and methodical Quality Management Systems. Due to increase in these facilities worldwide, Quality Assurance Bodies have adapted existing Quality Management Systems to allow for the inclusion of activities undertaken by a Cannabis cultivation facility. Specifically speaking to cultivation, there are two popular […]

The Haze Club Judgment Explained

When the news of the Haze Club Judgment came through at the end of August, it felt like the entire Cannabis industry was shaken, as could be seen from the resulting Cannabis marches across the country. Judge Slingers, the judge presiding over the application for a declaratory order, had found that The Haze Club’s application for a declaratory order […]